American Philanthropists Visit Mir Yeshiva

In June, 2014 the Yad Yisroel Tours head office received a request from 2 famous American philanthropists, Shlomo Yehuda and Yisroel Zev Rechnitz, to book a Jewish heritage tour. Knowing that these generous donors are extraordinary people, we had to work fast to give them only the best, and we managed to do everything in just two weeks. With a lack of prime Kosher goods in Belarus, we flew in hundreds of pounds of the best kosher food and arranged for top chefs to work around the clock to prepare lavish meals and refreshments. We organized an executive mini bus with a full time private chauffeur along with the famous Rabbi Moshe Fhima, shlit"a, Chief Rabbi and local shliach of Yad Yisroel Kiruv Richokim, who met our distinguished guests at Minsk International Airport and served as a private tour guide. This was a big bonus for the Rechnitz brothers as Rabbi Fhima is renowned for his vast knowledge. They travelled in style to planned destinations such as Radin, where they visited the tomb of the great Chofetz Chayim, got a full VIP tour of his famous Mir Yeshiva and visited the home of a 92-year- old local woman who knew the yeshiva bochurim on a first-hand basis. There were many other undisclosed destinations on the trip where the brothers left inspired and full of knowledge.

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