Bringing Chasidim Back Home

May, 2013 – The blessed dynasty of Stolin Karlin dates back to the days of the Magid, with a long and rich history. The Rebbe shlit'a had expressed a strong desire to spend a Shabbos in his grandfathers' hometown. In a third world village like Stolin, that seemed impractical until Yad Yisroel Tours approached the Rebbe and offered their services. The result was a spirited modern Shabbos in the shtetl of Stolin with over 300 chasidim attending. Yad Yisroel Tours arranged visas, rented a school building for the tefilos and seudas and booked rooms in the locale's largest hotel to accommodate all the guests. We owe a special thanks to local government officials who helped us meet our needs. Below are a few pictures taken by local citizens.

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