Chofetz Chaim’s Yeshiva

It was a freezing cold day in February with temperatures as low as -20, and the little village of Radin turned into a bustling tourist center. In one of its largest gedolim trips to Belarus, Yad Yisroel Tours got the government to hand over the keys to the old rundown Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva. We hired companies to heat up the yeshiva and build a heated tent around the kever so that the gedolei hador could concentrate on their tefilos and enter through the gates of heaven instead of freezing. We provided access to public bathrooms as there aren’t any at the yeshiva. We also organized a mass modern day seuda, where you wouldn’t imagine that you were in third world Belarus, for all our guests in the yeshiva building!

This trip will forever be etched in our memories. In spite of the fierce cold, the prayers of these gedolei hador warmed us all.

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