Jewish Tourism

Holocaust Memorial Trips

One of the main goals of Holocaust Memorial Trips is to educate people, especially Jewish students, about the history of the Holocaust and to actually visit the Holocaust memorial sites to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.

This unifies and strengthens our Jewish identity and reinforces the significance of our Jewish heritage.


Jewish Heritage Tours

Yad Yisroel’s Jewish Heritage Tours bring Jews back to their Jewish roots, to the shtetels where it all began.  For this purpose, Yad Yisroel runs Jewish Heritage Tours in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, all of which have a rich Jewish past and many points of Jewish interest.

In the Footsteps of our Jewish Sages

As an integral part of its Jewish Heritage Tours, Yad Yisroel guides Jewish tourists on a timeworn path to the synagogues, yeshivas, villages, homes and gravesites of the great rabbinical sages of Eastern Europe.

High School and Young Adult Tours

Yad Yisroel stresses the need to educate Jewish youth, and for this purpose it organizes Jewish Heritage Tours and Holocaust Memorial Tours for Jewish high school students and young adults. These tours offer Jewish youth opportunities to get in touch with their history, tradition and Jewish roots.

Family & Community Tours

Yad Yisroel places a strong emphasis on maintaining the wholeness and character of the Jewish family and the Jewish community. Toward these goals, Yad Yisroel organizes Family and Community Tours personally tailored for Jewish families and Jewish communities visiting Eastern Europe.

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