Mosdot Karlin Stolin

Around July time, we had the privilege to host a group of stolin chasidim from Eretz Yisrael who dedicate so much of their time to help out with the stolin mosdos.

In order to make them get the experience that they deserve, we have to give it our best shot…

On Thursday we would start by visiting our very own Chaika resort and spending the evening breathing in the fine air and eating delicious meals. We would move on by having a glamorous “leil shishi” in the historic city of Stolin. Early Friday morning we would go to the kever achim (mass grave) of Stolin where so many thousands of our brethren were so brutally murdered lo aleinu, and they would daven for a healthy year; to be able to continue with their chesed… Late Friday you can smell the delicious aroma of challah and fine delicacies in the air, which was prepared by a phenomenal chef from Isreal… It would all be finely displayed in the holy synagogue of the Beis Aaron of Stolin, where the shabbos meals would be served. For seudas shlishis we had to go all out… We had the yard of shul professionally designed so it should have the past century feel; but we don’t stop over there… On motzai shabbos we had a beautiful melava malka on a beautiful private boat… what don’t we do for our guests! It was a great pleasure working with them and we hope to see them again!

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