Rav Chaim Walkin family visit

30th of October 2016 – 28th of Tishrei 5777.

Our guests arrived in Belarus. This time the esteemed Rav Chaim Walkin, mashgiach of Ateres Yisrael, Jerusalem. Accompanied by family, Rav Walkin was going to start his long-awaited visit to his home land. Our first stop was the town of Mir. We went to the kever of Rav Yerucham Levovitz, spending a day in Mir, what a great way to start off the purposeful trip! Rav Walkins grandfather Rav Aaron Walkin Zt”l was chief rabbi of Pinsk Belarus prior to WW2.

Pinsk is now a growing Jewish community housing the Yad Yisrael organization, currently lead by Rabbi Moshe Fhima. We went to the burial place of Rav Aaron Walkin which is behind the then Jewish hospital of Pinsk. After immersing in prayer, the Rav came to our Bais Aaron boys school where he met with Rabbi Moshe Fhima and Mr. Igor Abramovitz, director of school. They conversed flawlessly in Yiddish, it was truly mesmerizing!

The trip was coming to a closure, but the Rav had one more very important place to visit… Radin. Rav Walkins maternal grandfather, Rav Moshe Londinsky Zt”l , headed the Radin yeshiva along with the Chofetz Chaim Zt”l; Where he was ultimately buried. We traveled over 200 kilometers to the village of Radin, and after the Rav visited the then Radin Yeshiva, we went to the cemetery. The situation was uplifting and the Rav’s davening was transfixing!

Throughout the short, but memorable trip of our important guests, we had the honor to provide them with everything, from food to VIP transportation. It was a privilege for us to take part in this experience, we look forward to participating in many more!

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